Sparkling Water – Is it a healthy option?

I’ve been asked so many times about sparkling water, is it good or bad for us, does it rot our teeth, is it bad for our bones, is it acidic on our tummies, is it full of sugar. I have so many friends that drink it (I’m not partial to it myself) so I decided to put together a little information for you so you can make up your own  mind and please feel free to let us know which brands you love best. Share the love!

Can sparkling water damage your teeth?

This is what were led to believe as its fizzy and what’s the line our mothers repeated – fizzy drinks will rot your teeth! She was right but Sparkling Water shouldn’t have been tarred with the same brush!

But while sparkling water contains a little more acid than regular water, nothing compared to carbonated soft drink. Again only the added sugar stuff is to be avoided.

Can sparkling water give you stomach ulcers?

Research says no. BUT if you already suffer from ulcers or your tummy is a health issue maybe you should avoid Sparkling Water in order not to make your tum more turbulent, its probably best check with your doctor if you have underlying issues,

Is sparkling water bad for bone health?

There was an old wives tale I remember of Sparkling Water being bad for your bones – this is completely false. There is of course lots and lots of proof the other sparkling drinks with flavouring and sugars will destroy our bones so lets set the record straight- its the sugar that’ll harm you.

Is sparkling water dehydrating?
No! Its hydrating. Its natural. Its water that has been infused with carbon dioxide under pressure. Simple. Pure. Clean. Refreshing.
Why not add some fresh fruits, some mint, or a few drops of your favourite essential oil! Bottoms up!

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