About Me

My name is Orla Vaughan.

My love of Holistic Therapies started when I tried to get to grips with my own busy and stressed out life and found the results were very positive. Since then the fascination with how the body works and the power of Holistic Therapies grew for me and it prompted me to begin my training. I’ve studied wonderful therapies for over the past 12 years and am now a proud member of the association of Reflexologists and Massage Therapists.

I also qualified as a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Health. I discovered new food, I learned to adapt a new outlook on life, I realised how negative I could be and how the influence of others around me could control my habits so much. This was a year of self discovery.

I’ve recently had the privilege of obtaining my qualification as a practitioner studying with Ziggy Bergman, the creator of the Bergman Method, Facial Reflexology and the Zone Face Lift. Both treatments offer an alternative to plastic surgery by using holistic methods on the face. I am a big advocate of natural treatments and I believe these methods to be just as effective.

This completes my wish to give my clients full wellness and relaxation using reflexology treatments, the benefits of which are countless. I love my work and the positive contact it generates with my clients. I enjoy the one to one contact with my clients, the ability to be helpful and the calm it induces in guiding my clients towards beneficial relaxation.