Bloom where you’re planted

Bloom where you are planted
Bloom where you are planted

Sometimes we don’t have a lot of control over where we are  or where we’re going in life; physically, emotionally or mentally.

Sometimes we just have to make the best out of the cards we’re dealt.

Sometimes we have to tolerate situations until the time is right to make the change we need or want.


You may not be where you want to be just yet, but hang in there and work on your dream, keep your dream alive, whether that is the dream job, the dream retirement location or optimum health.
Not everyone can quit their job and follow a dream. It takes time. So instead of giving up, getting bitter, becoming upset at every situation, Bloom! Bloom where you have been planted.
Be grateful 
If you woke up this morning in a clean warm bed, had running water in your bathroom and something to eat in your fridge – do you know how lucky you are? You are in the minority, acknowledge it.
Spend time with people you love
Your husband, wife, partner, kids, parents, friends. Maybe you love your workmates!! They love you too remember!
Set some goals
You’ve got to believe in yourself and what you want in this life. Set some goals, anything from committing to  home cooking 4 times per week to being able to do a 2 minute plank. Goals are motivational and inspirational once achieved.
Get active
Healthy body,healthy mind and things will seem better quickly.
Do something in your community
Join a bookclub, volunteer, join a church if you need something more spiritual. Surround yourself with people, its healthy!
Don’t let time pass you by. Bloom where you are planted.

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