How I cook my veggies – you may be surprised!

Growing up I wasn’t the biggest fan of vegetables, who am I kidding in my 30s I wasn’t the biggest fan of vegetables!! Part of the reason was that most veggies put on my plate as a kid were cooked within an inch of their lives and so were tasteless. (This is not a reflection on my mothers cooking, she’s a great cook, but veggies were just not given the  love they should have been given!)
In the past few years, training and working as a Health Coach, learning to love, cook and now grow vegetables has changed my life, it took some time but now my body craves vegetables, as much as it craves water. It took some time to learn how easy it was to prep vegetables and have them in favour of eating something ‘quicker’. I understand that sometimes it can feel a lot to cook up vegetables instead of grabbing that slice of toast or ordering that pizza but once you get in the habit, once you have a solid vegetable process in place, you won’t go back. You’ll be snacking on cheesy cauliflour, chewing on sweet potato fries and dipping that tempura asparagus into your favouite dip!
I want you to take on the challenge of consciously adding more vegetables into every day and actually taking the time to cook them. It sounds so simple, but it will be a profound shift.
You will started to feel great, your digestion will improve when you’re eating lots of green vegetables, your energy and mood will be on the up too! You might even get addicted!
I think the biggest issue for many people when it comes to eating healthy is that they don’t know how to quick and easy it is to make veggies taste so good.
Here’s my secret! There’s a reason bread and pizza and all those huge carb dishes taste soooo good – yup, Butter, Garlic and Salt! Well that is exactly what I add to my veg! They make vegetables AMAZING. Don’t be shy, load them up!
So simple, so easy, so good.
All you need to do is:
Wash the vegetables (I always wash mine with some lemon essential oils and water, just soak your veggies for about 5 minutes and rince, its guaranteed to remove any nasties) & add a little butter or oil to a pan on low/medium heat.
Chop up the vegetables and a couple of cloves of garlic and throw them all into the pan. Stir fry there for a few minutes, until they reach your desired softness.
Sprinkle a little salt on them.
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