Essential Oils

Essential Oils 101

Essential oils are found in stems, roots, seeds, bark, leaves and flowers of plants. They are the natural aromatic compounds or the “fragrance” of the plant that are both powerful and potent. Essential oils have been used throughout history in many different cultures for their abilities to uplift moods, ease tension, calm senses and support emotions. 

Essential oils can be used as effective household cleaners, used in your beauty routines, and incorporated into everyday life.

They are wonderful to use in cooking for making unique dishes or used to flavor drinking water .

 Essential oils are naturally safe and have very few undesirable effects if used as directed. They are powerful and concentrated and should be used with care.

How to use them

There are 3 ways oils can be used:

  • AROMATICALLY:   Through the use of a diffuser, inhaling directly from bottle or by placing 1-2 drops of oil in your hands, cupping over nose and mouth followed by taking a few deep breaths.
  • TOPICALLY:  Applying directly to skin or area of concern. Most oils should be diluted with a carrier oil, like fractionated coconut oil, when applied to skin. (Especially children) Stay away from sensitive areas, mostly eyes and inside of the ears. Common application sites are the soles of feet, back of neck, temples, wrists and down the spine. For more about dilution ratios see “Safety” tab.
  • INTERNALLY: Applies to pure, therapeutic grade oils. Can be added to drinking water, recipes or added to veggie capsules to be taken orally. Make sure your oil bottle has a nutritional fact label. (1-2 drops of oil is usually sufficient)

Why doTERRA?

Essential oils are being sold anywhere and everywhere, in grocery stores  and on Amazon so why buy from me & doTerra instead of simply picking up a bottle in Holland & Barrett?
The essential oil industry is unregulated. Companies can claim their oils are pure & of high quality without much to back it up. Many companies are selling essential oils that have just a few drops of oil and the rest is filler. Sometimes that filler is safe like a carrier oil BUT sometimes it’s toxic and really terrible and can even be really really dangerous.

Are there reputable oil companies out there? Of course, there are loads, but I did a lot of research before I started using essential oils because safety and purity were my priority. And, FYI, no other company came close to doTerra.  


1. doTerra’s Testing. doTerra has set the industry standard for quality and purity. Each oil goes through rigorous testing not only to make sure it’s pure but that the chemical components present in each oil batch are those that we desire when using these oils plus each oil batch is subject to 3rd party testing. 

2. doTerra sources it’s oils from around the world, which means you’re getting oils from plants grown indigenously & not in a greenhouse in someones back garden! Why does that matter? The chemical makeup of a plant is effected not only by the seeds used but by the air quality and soil so you’ll get a stronger more potent and true oil from plants sourced indigenously. doTerra is able to do this because it partners with local farmers and supports local economies by paying fair wages and investing in those communities. Amazing!!!

3. The direct sales model isn’t an accident – essential oils are powerful and they require appropriate and respectful use. When you purchase from me, I’ll teach you how to safely use these oils. Plus you get tons of education & access to our oil community (which is seriously priceless) where you can ask & easily find answers to all of your oil questions. And to make sure everyone has access to the sourcing and testing standards of the oils they buy – doTerra has put a code on the bottom of each bottle. Go to and type it in.

It will show you exactly why I love and trust this company.