Facial Reflexology

Facial Reflexology follows the same principles as foot reflexology but performed on the face. Intensely relaxing and calming, the treatment is also surprisingly invigorating. Treatments last an hour and can also combine elements of Indian Head Massage and an Holistic Facial (cleanse, tone and moisturise).

There are 43 muscles in your face and apparently we use around 10-12 when we smile and a little less when we frown. Many of those muscles are at work almost constantly (such as eye muscles) and very few of us think about consciously relaxing any of them.  As a result that tension can build helping to exacerbate conditions such as TMJ disorders (pain in the jaw joint and the muscles that move the jaw), headaches and eye strain. 

Facial reflexology can help to release some of that tension and encourage a more balanced energy flow throughout your face and head. I usually combine elements of Indian Head Massage to complete the treatment. 

We also hold a lot of emotion in our faces. Imagine a time when you tried not to cry or to laugh. Our expressions are a potent form of communication and so our faces become the map of our lives, experiences, hopes and dreams. Facial reflexology can therefore be a cathartic as well as rejuvenating experience.

I use a beautiful Elixir especially designed for the treatment by the creator of this therapy during the treatments, but oils can be omitted if preferred.