Headaches? Top Essential Oils to help.

Do you find yourself suffering from headaches, tension in your head, tension down the back of your neck, sinus headaches, hormonal headaches or the almighty migraine?
Headaches of any kind can wipe us out, leave us feeling lethargic, moody, sensitive and even physically sick.

We all get headaches every now-and-then, so I’ve got some natural essential oil remedies that will help kick that pain to the curb.

Here are my top oils for headaches:

  1. Peppermint – Rub 1 drop of peppermint on the base of the neck, or on the exact area where it hurts. Repeat 30 minutes later if needed.
  2. Deep Blue, Basil, and Frankincense – This combo is for those intense, one-side-of-the-head headaches. Use 1 drop of each and rub over the area where it hurts.
  3. Zendocrine – Had a bit too much to drink? Drop 2 drops of Zendocrine under the tongue. This will help the liver detox more quickly to help relieve your headache. This oil is also great to use the week before your period to ward off any hormonal headaches.
  4. Lavender – This oil is great for tension headaches. Apply 1 drop of lavender to the area where it hurts.
  5. Eucalyptus – For sinus headaches, rub 2 drops of eucalyptus with a teaspoon of fractionated coconut oil and rub over the sinuses, temples and nose.
  6. Past Tense – This blend comes in a handy roller bottle so you can apply to the neck, temples and any area that you need to ‘cool off’. It works a treat for all types of headaches, from the tension type to the extreme migraine.

Don’t suffer – there is no need to. Also try to stay away from medications, they just disrupt your gut and your hormones. Natural remedies such as essential oils can be incredibly beneficial for you and your family. Instead of loading up on toxic synthetic chemicals, consider using these life-giving essential oils which have been used for thousands of years for health and healing.

If you are interested in learning more about essential oils  – contact me directly. I would love to share my experience with you.


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