Pregnancy Massage

prenatal massage
pregnancy massage
maternity massage

Pregnancy massage is an individually tailored pregnancy treatment to help the body as it goes through the many changes of pregnancy. Massage can be of huge benefit to the physical and psychological effects that the body must adapt to.

Pregnancy Massage is suitable from the first few days until well past your due date. Every Trimester your session will be adjusted to focus on areas that are key to you at the stage of your Pregnancy.

Each pregnancy massage is based around your needs to ensure that you feel the most benefit from every session. This may vary with each session as your body changes throughout your pregnancy. Do not worry, we can adjust any element of the Pregnancy Massage to suit your needs.

This is not a ‘normal’ massage adapted but one that is solely designed for my pregnant clients, ensuring you are in safe hands throughout your term.

Contact me today for a well deserved treatment. Gift vouchers are also available to treat their loved one at this special time.