Taking care of our bones for life

Taking care of our bones for life
Taking care of our bones for life


Here’s a little scary statistic – 1 in 2 Irish women and 1 in 4 Irish men will suffer a fracture due to Osteoporosis before the age of 50! This is according to www.irishosteoporosis .ie
Now read on to make sure we start preventing this and taking care of ourselves from today!

Our bodies require many nutrients working together for good bone health: magnesium, phosphorus, boron, copper, manganese, zinc – plus the vitamins C, D, K, B6, and folic acid. In addition, we need protein to build collagen and healthy fats for vitamin D absorption and protection against bone-destroying toxins. The most easily absorbed source of vitamin D comes from the sun – we need 30 minutes or more of sunlight – every day. Obviously in Ireland its hard to get this so I recommend a really good supplement – talk to your healthshop owner.

Its not just calcium that’s needed for our bones. If you were to strip away the calcium from our bones we are left with collagen which actually bends, but if you were to strip away the collagen from our bones we are left with just calcium salts which shatter upon impact! But we need this calcium and we need calcium in our diets but we also need protein to keep that collagen healthy.
What can you do to help yourself and prevent problems down the line –
Avoid refined sugars and white flour, including pasta, white bread, scones (yes, I’m talking to every Irish Mammy out there!) these all cause an acid condition that leaches minerals from your bones
Eat your leafy greens. Look, they are just brilliant for everything! Try to get 3-5 portions per day. And if you don’t like them, swallow it and learn to LOVE them. They’ll save your life!
Exercise and if at all possible, start to lift weights. Start light and ‘hold your core!’
Eat natural proteins – organic meats, lentils, almonds and most nuts, chia seeds, hemp seeds and the list goes on. Add sunflower and pumpkin seeds to your breakfast, your salad, your smoothie, or just take a mouthful of them for something to chew on!
If you are worried about your bone health, take action today. Make a few changes to your diet, go for a walk. Talk to me if you want any further information or support. Here to keep you strong, in every sense!

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