4 Day Mini Weightloss Bootcamp Challenge

4 Day Mini Weight Loss Bootcamp Challenge

Its 9pm. You’ve settled down for the evening. You’ve had a good day. Eaten a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner, you might even have had 30 minutes of exercise! And suddenly SLAM, you want something sweet! I bet 99% of you reading this know exactly what I’m talking about.

You crave sugar. And what’s more is you think you deserve it, you’ve had a good day after all! 

But why does this happen to us. Its like a drug! Oh ya, that’s right, it is a drug. 

There is a reason that r*ts (those things with long tails that are scientists experiment on) choose sugar over cocaine! Did you know the more you eat the more you crave? It play with our dopamine hormone, increasing it to make us happy and content and once it wears off the brain needs more! Its a vicious cycle until you decide to do something about it, beat the sugar craving.

There also could be other reasons you are craving it. You could be lacking several minerals including magnesium, zinc and chromium which help balance our blood sugar. You could be dehydrated. You might be tired, overworked and stressed. 

I used to eat on average up to 35 spoons of sugar PER DAY before I put my hand up and admitted I had an issue with sugar. The weight was piling on and I was grey, in every sense, skin, hair, nails, mood, energy. Through small daily changes that seemed achievable and sustainable I have gotten it very much under control and take my word for it, I’ve never felt so healthy in my life. Its been over a long time now since I’ve experienced that 3pm slump or craved sugar at 9pm. LIFECHANGING! 

Let me help you make those small and effective changes in your life that have a lasting impact on your health. 

If you are curious as to how some of the programmes I offer work, why not sign up for my 4 day Weightloss Bootcamp challenge. For a limited time only I am offerig this for free. The challenge starts on June 27th for 4 days only! Its a mini 4 day programme with gorgeous breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes. Its guaranteed to give you a great start to your new lifestyle and I am there for you throughout the 4 days to support you through it. Sign up today! Click on the image above or email me directly nutsaboutavocados@gmail.com


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