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Koan Floats - Amsterdam
Koan Floats – Amsterdam
What’s not to love about floating?

What’s not to love about floating in a bath big enough you can fully stretch out, without anything to distract you. In a warm clean tank with calming, soothing music (which is optional) followed by a full body massage. Yes, utter bliss, I floated through the 2 hours  of treatments and I’m sure I floated for at least 48 hours after!

Floating is hands down the best ‘therapy’ I’ve ever had. I go in stressed and tired and I come out refreshed, re-energized and buzzing, in body and mind. The tank is like a big bath with a hood that you can close so you can float in pitch black or you can leave the lighting dim, up to you and your own personal preference. I went dark!
Roughly 500kg of special magnesium salts fill the tank – this is how we manage to float and how I manage to fall asleep! The salt is full of magnesium which is so easily absorbed by the body like this!
Imagine this – The room is warm, the water in the tank is warm (same temperature as your blood so you eventually don’t ever feel like you’re in water) there is very little to distract you, you step in, lie back and float. You can even stretch out – starfish like!
Koan Floats in Amsterdam is hands down fabulous. It feels 5 star. From the reception with your choice of tea and sweet nibbles to the cleanliness and privacy of the rooms, to the fluffy white towels and robes to the chemical free products, like body lotions and deodorants – superb.
I’ve also been floating in Dublin (for double the price of Amsterdam) but it wasn’t even half as good as Amsterdam – the benefits were the same but the experience left a lot to be desired.
If you are travelling to Amsterdam anytime soon, GO, its a must! In fact you should look into flotation tanks in every city you visit, its such a great treatment for an hour out to help aching legs if you’ve been walking a lot or to get away from the hustle and bustle of busy cities.
Now, how to get one back to my house in Dublin…..

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