What’s for breakfast?




What's for breakfast?
What’s for breakfast?

I am a creature of habit, most of us are and when I find something I like I tend to stick to it, especially food. Breakfast is hands down my favourite meal of the day and I have a handful of preferences that I will seek out regardless of where I am inn the world. I don’t get people that don’t eat in the morning. For a long long time now there are 2 thing I need to do before I can hold a decent conversation – wet my head and eat!


So what do I eat? I get this question a lot.

As a kid I turned my nose up to porridge (lumpy oat porridge that was). In fact I still do! Well the lumpy bit that is. As an adult, making my own choices, I like porridge, actually I love creamy porridge but its does not fill me! Its a fact and I have several clients that complain of the same thing. Listen up people, if you are hungry within 2 hours after eating a big bowl of porridge, you need to change your breakfast choice! Its not doing you any good! Why not try buckwheat instead of oats – remember to soak overnight to keep soften the grains and it’ll result in lovely creamy porridge! (recipe coming tomorrow!)


Eggs eggs and more eggs – I love them, I have recently discovered that they disrupt my sleep, but they are convenient, versatile and delicious so they are not going anywhere, poach ’em, bake ’em, scramble ’em, sunny side up ’em, they are a staple in my kitchen.


Ahem, Avocados. (I think I am now going to give the Avocado a capital A every time I write it, I think it deserves to be a proper noun!) With a spoon, with an egg, with some sourdough, with fresh air. Enough said.

My most regular choice is a selection of seeds – chia, hemp, linseed, flax, sunflower, pumpkin, milled nuts soaked over night in water or almond milk, mixed in the morning with a little banana or berries and a large spoon of whichever nut butter I put my hands on! This is without doubt the best breakfast for you if you need to keep going for a few hours. I have 1 client who made the switch to this from Weetabix and has lost 4 inches from his belly.


When I am doing one of my clean eating programmes I tend to have smoothies for breakfast – they are chockablock full of fibre, good fats, Vitamins A, E, D and K and because these vitamins are only absorbed when eaten with fat its a great way of getting the job done – plus they are really really tasty and easy to make with your regular blender at home. Have a look here for more information on my programmes.


What do you eat in the mornings? Does it fill you? Do you have any other suggestions for me?

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